Weekly Update–First Day is Finally Here!!

Our first day is finally here—this Sunday, September 10, starting at 12:30 pm!! Our star-studded teaching team is ready and excited to launch another engaging, enriching, and often entertaining year of Jewish learning. Just a few housekeeping reminders:
1) We’ll be serving pizza first thing to those of you who purchased pizza for your child for the year. Each week we’re likely to have a few extra pieces available for purchase at $2/slice, so there will be a limited “a la carte” option if that works better for you. Please help us out and send exact change if possible.
2) If your child is in 11th or 12th grade, s/he will be going to Drama of Tanach for their first period class; if your child is in 10th grade, s/he will be going to Confirmation class with your synagogue’s rabbi; if your child is in 9th grade, s/he will be in either Chai Mitzvah or Jewish Relationships for their first period class and I’ll let them know where to go when they arrive.
3) Finally, if you know ahead of time that your child will not be able to attend HSJS on any given Sunday, please do let me know—we’re a deliberately small class-size school and knowing ahead of time about absences helps us plan accordingly!