Monthly Archives: September 2021

Weekly update 9/26/21

Today we made sweet noodle (lokshen) kugel, began “digging” into Biblical Archeology (sorry, I couldn’t resist), talked about what makes up our identity as humans and, specifically, as Jews, and more!Our next session is Sunday, October 10, from 3:30-5:30. We’re watching the COVID numbers regularly, and will give ample notice of our return to in-person classes.Chag […]

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Weekly update 9/19/21

We had a great opening day, enjoying a spirited round of elective speed dating so that our students could rank their choices among the roughly 15 elective options. I’ll use those rankings to build our calendar so that there’ll be a nice mix of classes to sample over the course of our school year.We’re in […]

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