In order to have the best possible experience, it is important that students make every effort to attend classes regularly. Parents should email hsjssarah@gmail.com or call or text 502-767-2071 if their child will be absent from class. We will obtain lists from youth directors for students who will be away for major youth group events. Students with high attendance (youth group absences not counted) will receive priority when it comes to registration for electives. Tenth grade students with excessive absences may be ineligible for confirmation (see confirmation). Students should arrive on time and stay until dismissal. If a student needs to leave early, parents should send a note or text message to the principal indicating the time for dismissal.


Tenth graders will attend confirmation classes with their Rabbis during the Core Class period. Confirmation class curriculum and requirements are at the individual discretion of the Rabbis. Questions about the confirmation program should be directed to the appropriate Rabbi. Registration in HSJS is NOT a guarantee that a child will be confirmed.


Students will have the opportunity to give Tzedakah each week and subsequently choose causes to receive the funds. This is a great opportunity to not only give of the heart but also learn about worthwhile causes in the community.