Weekly update and elective selection

Even though we were a small but mighty group today, our teachers and students were able to wrap up their courses and start looking forward to next semester.

If your child was not able to join us today, please have her/him  go to:  www.louisvillehsjs.org, click on the drop down Courses tab on the top, and pick Elective Selection.  They can read a full description of the electives offered on the courses page.  As a reminder, they must rank a minimum of 4 different classes.  Students on the Moot Beit Din team may select Moot for all their choices since it’s a full year course.  The deadline for elective selection is next Friday the 22nd.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions. 

May the rest of your Chanukah celebrations be filled with light and love.  Have a restful break and we’ll see you on January 7, 2018!