Weekly update 2-18-18

Today I was privileged to watch our Moot Beit Din students’ video argument for the upcoming competition on the question of whether someone may be required to donate bone marrow to another person in order to save that person’s life.  In case you didn’t know already, we’ve got some amazing students at HSJS (and perhaps some aspiring attorneys or rabbinic scholars).

Next Sunday, February 25, we’re going to see Fanny’s Journey as part of the 20th annual Louisville Jewish Film Festival.  And our Torah Toons students’ animated short film they created last semester will be shown before the film!  Drop off will be at the Village 8 theatre on Dupont Circle at 12:15 pm; pick up will be at 2:15 pm.  I still need to give the theatre a rough head count, so please send a quick reply RIGHT NOW and let me know if your child will be attending the film.  For LBSY madrichim, I’ve already talked to Bev Weinberg and gotten your early dismissal okayed.