Weekly update 2-17-19

Kudos are in order for the 8 students in attendance today and the families who let us know their children would be absent—on the plus side, several students learned about Chiune Sugihara, the Japanese diplomat to Lithuania, who rescued over 6,000 Jews during the Holocaust by issuing them visas to Japan against the directive of the Japanese government. There was also a lively, engaging discussion about the Jewish view of refusing medical treatment for a child based on religious convictions. The downside for today was that we didn’t know that many more students would be absent rather than attending, which definitely impacted class dynamics (not to mention made for a lot of leftover pizza…).
We work very hard to provide an engaging, enriching, and meaningful educational experience for your children. Thanks for your continued support in helping us meet that goal.
Have a great week and see everyone next Sunday.