Weekly update 12-9-18

Today we wrapped our fall semester with yoga practice, Kabbalah, and some social justice and awareness discussions in the Jewish League:  I learned that Batwoman is one of the most prominent Jewish characters in comic book history and that in addition to being Batman’s cousin and a lesbian, she’s the reason DC comics accidentally made Batman matrilineally Jewish.
Our students filled out course evaluations and I’m pleased (though not surprised) to report that our classes continue to get high marks for being interesting and engaging.  In fact, two of our electives received perfect 5’s and one received a 4.94!  We’re proud of our program and are privileged to share it with your children.
We DO NOT have class next Sunday:  good luck to all our students on their finals!  Watch your inboxes over the break for the live link to make elective selections for next semester.
Enjoy your winter break and we’ll see you on Sunday, January 13, 2019!