Weekly update 12-13-16

Sunday was our last day of the fall semester and our students were engaged with everything from wrapping up The Trial of God  to debating why there hasn’t been a Jewish Disney princess to enjoying delicacies imported from Zabar’s delicatessen—fantastic Jewish learning all around.

Thank you once again to those of you who let me know by 10:30 pm Saturday night if your children were going to be absent.  Unfortunately, there were 14 students who were absent from whom I never received any notification (timely or otherwise) and we consequently had 5 leftover pizzas on Sunday.  Sadly, this is your tuition money going to waste.  This is incredibly frustrating to me since we strive to be excellent stewards of your hard earned tuition dollars. Very low attendance also impacts our teachers’ abilities to effectively teach your children. I understand that things come up at the last minute and kids get sick but I know as a parent that 99% of the time we know if our children will have a conflict on any given day. Please try to be considerate of everyone in our school community by letting me know about absences ahead of time!

I’m attaching the elective selection form again—please return this with at least 4 choices ranked no later than Sunday the 18th so I don’t have to guess what your child’s elective choices will be.

Wishing everyone a restful break and a happy Chanukah—we’ll be back on January 8, 2017!