Weekly Update 11/9/15

Great session yesterday—I was serenaded by the lovely voices of our Pitch Perfect students as they explored both old and new Chanukah music, students in Jews in Sports delved into issues of barriers and discrimination faced by some famous Jewish tennis stars, and some of our 9th graders, in preparation to launch into The Trial of G-d, discussed whether we, as human beings, have the right to hold G-d accountable morally. Great Jewish learning all around!!

A really important reminder: please, please, please let me know if your child will be absent from HSJS. Thank you to those of you who did; however, we expected only a few absences and were surprised to be missing almost 25% of our students. Since I consider myself exceptionally frugal, it pains me to waste $30 on uneaten pizza—I don’t like wasting your hard-earned tuition dollars, so please help us out and send me a quick email or text (preferably before 10 pm on Saturday night, “Erev HSJS”) if your child will be absent! Likewise, if you need to pick up your child early, please let us know—you don’t need to come in to “sign them out,” but we do need to hear from you if your child needs to leave early.

And—just so it’s not lost in the shuffle—one final reminder that next Sunday, November 15th, we meet from 5-7 pm. No worries, BBYO Spirit Convention attendees: Mike Steklof has assured me that you’ll be back in plenty of time for HSJS. Special treat at dinner (but you have to be there to enjoy it)!! 😉