Weekly update 11/12/17

We seem to be plagued with travel delays and cancellations at HSJS this week:  last week our 10th graders had a fantastic time on their trip to DC, right up until the time they got to the airport and learned that their return flight had been cancelled.  In all honesty, it didn’t seem to faze the kids too much, but it was a little rough on our chaperones pulling an all-nighter so many years out of college!  Today one of our very talented teacher’s flight was cancelled as he was trying to return from a business trip; however, thanks to the wonder of modern communications, he was able to share the plan for class and the students carried on in great fashion.  

While we are nimble and resourceful, it can be a challenge to carry out our lesson plans when we have unexpected student absences as well.  As always, thank you to those of you who let me know if your child would be absent; we probably had about twice as many out from whom I didn’t receive any notification.  You may email, text, or Remind message me to let me know.  Because we are a deliberately small class-sized program, missing two or three students in one class can be quite impactful.

I can’t stress this enough:  if you aren’t already signed up, please text @hsjs502 to 81010 to sign up for our Remind text alert system.  This is how I will notify you of late schedule changes, cancellations, or other important information.

Have a great week!