Weekly Update 1-25-16

Nothing like some winter weather cabin fever to bring our attendance up to almost 100%!! Great to see everyone yesterday for the official first day of our second semester. Our electives this semester include, Hagoof U’Neshama aka Body and Soul/Jewish Bioethics, Jewish Entertainment, Jews in the News, Modern Hebrew continued, and Teachable Talmud. It should shape up to be a great semester all around.

As a reminder, should we be visited by Jonas’s younger brother, I will notify you about cancellations via email, post it on our Facebook page and website, and call it in to Fox-41 WDRB news. Unless there’s some sort of freakish weather event on Saturday, I’ll always wait until Sunday to see what the actual conditions are before canceling. And while Rabbi Feder, Alison Roemer, and I do consult with each other, we each make our own decision about cancellation based on our location, hours, and population.

Watch your inboxes for a summary of some of our first semester classes!