Update 2/9/2020

Was Alexander Hamilton Jewish? If so, why would he hide his Jewish roots? Does this change our understanding of the value of Freedom of Religion proclaimed by Washington, Jefferson, and Hamilton?
These are just some of the fascinating questions we explored today. Kind of makes you wish you were back in school….
Our next session is Sunday, February 23 when we’ll get to see the inspiring film, Prosecuting Evil:  The Extraordinary World of Ben Ferencz, that’s part of the 22nd Annual Louisville Jewish Film Festival. Thanks to a generous grant from the Ann and Coleman Friedman Fund for Children’s Judaic Activities, the film is free for our students.  If you wish to attend as well, you can get tickets here. We’ll meet at the Village 8 at 1:45; pick up at 3:15 (but don’t worry, I’ll remind you).