End of Year Update

We had one of our most engaging sessions today for our 2019-2020 wrap-up! We finally got to take our tour of Old Jewish Louisville: we delved into the history and origin of all the Jewish congregations and prominent and noteworthy Jewish Louisvillians while on our imaginary school bus— seated 6’ apart, of course. We followed our tour with an engrossing discussion of what makes a life precious or revered, through the lens of the Jewish connections and themes found in science fiction and the superhero universe.
Finally, we recognized 5 of our steadfast students with awards (in the form of Carmichael’s Bookstore gift cards) for missing 2 or fewer sessions over the course of the year and 1 for perfect attendance—way to go, Team HSJS!
We’re going to move ahead with plans for next year, recognizing that, while the current environment is still somewhat in a state of flux, we will be prepared to continue offering the engaging, fun, awesome Jewish learning that’s our hallmark for all Louisville Jewish high schoolers. Registration information will come your way around late May/early June.
B’shalom and stay safe and well!